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"Expand your very own unique frequency so your Earth walk aligns with your highest destiny"

Vibrational Alchemy


I love to switch off my human, turn on my soul and allow spirit to channel through me to get all of us into beaming states! 


Shapeshifting and lifting the vibration of a room and anyone who enters my stratosphere.


My fave vibrational healing tools:

- Sound alchemy is my thing!

- Shamanic soul retrievals, extractions, and soul contract renewals. 

- Crystal Elemental Kingdom magic, anchoring you back to very own energy grid and soul purpose.

- Munay Ki transmissions

- Breath worker

- Reiki attuned 

- Hatha and Yin Yoga trained

- Meditation Teacher


I allow Spirit to guide me, 

I trust and I listen carefully,

Intuitive I am

My heart leads the way,

All ways.

Meet Bebe

Definitely part of the revolution family, I dream of a world with less intellect and more heart... Less rules and more freedom!


In essence I truly am a reflection of you: a divine spiritual being on her soul mission while having a human experience.


A good mix of darkness and light flows through me, and I am grateful for that!

I truly am a rebellious soul creating my own personal revolution, igniting the passionate fire within me to get you, me, all of us ALIGNED with our very own unique vibe.


The coaching you shall experience when you take the leap of faith and book in with me is very uniquely orchestrated according to what your highest needs right there and then. It is absolutely energetically held, we clear the energy that bounds you to your limiting self and work together towards your highest potential, so you can become a powerful magnet in your life. 


Passionate about you, me, all of us embracing the whole and learning to transmute the shadows into  consciousness so we can expand, embody & be the powerful beings that we are. 


Bringing our "Sound and safe" self into union with our "wild and free"!

Just like you, I will never stop learning, growing & evolving. The student in me is like a strong force for growth and expansion.


I will never stop passing on what helps me feel alive and vibrant, connected and true, free and joyful, filled with love, light and a touch of darkness!

Deep gratitude goes to all of you, who show up, who do the work & walk their talk. You are my biggest inspirations.


The Healer in me sees the Healer in you


One on One Mentorship 


After 7 years of working with you through our one on one vibrational shifting sessions I have come into full understanding, acceptance & surrender that there are bigger plans in the making for us...


Letting it go of fixing, rescuing & healing you and moving into a more empowering way for you, for me, for us all to rise!


Empowering & teaching you the way of the intuitive, the magic of self-healing, self-discovery & coaching you to discover, embody, share your soul frequency, your magic with your world, helping yourself, your loved ones & the souls who are called to work with you.


3 months of working deeply together so you grow closer to your very own medicine, learn to tune into your magic & sovereign space, empowering you with your own ability to self heal, to discover your subconscious blocks, clear them & rise.

There is doubt YOUR MAGIC is needed in today's world, trust & know that. The age of aquarius is well and truly here!



"The Wearable for Energetic Wellbeing and Balance"

Guided Sound Healing Meditations for wholistic health & wellness 


With 8 years of experience working with sound, frequency & energy to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body & soul I have heard the calling to create profound & shifting meditations encompassing sound, frequency & guided journeys.

Our first 2 guided Sound Healing Meditation has birthed: