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Pink Sand

My Story


Everyone calls me Bebe, I was born in France, grew up in Nigeria, Africa; spent my teens in Aix-en-Provence, France & my adulthood here in Australia.


I reside & work on the unceded lands of the Yugambeh people of the Bundjalung Nation, in Elanora on the Gold Coast Queensland. I acknowledge the traditional owners whose cultures & customs have nurtured & continue to nurture this land. I pay my deep respect & gratitude to Country & Elders past, present & emerging.  

15-20 years ago I was living a double life! I seemed to have it all together on the outward world: a good job, a great relationship, a beautiful daughter, a great house, good friends, but my inner world was much different… Depressed, suppressed, bullied and taken for a ride, I was unable to stand up for myself and set boundaries, I was forever a people pleaser, I had a broken father-daughter relationship, my bank account was always in the red and most of all I did not feel that there was space for me in this world!

Things in my life started falling apart (more like falling in place!) I was forced to quit my beloved job ( hospitality Queen I was) & I did not know where to go or what top do. As a lover of the ocean & keen surf chick, I was looking at becoming a surf instructor for kids... For the first time in my life I heard a voice, that whispered in my ear "Healer"! 


Memories flooded in... Of when I was born & my vibrational state attracted most of the hospital crew to my crib, shifting & lifting people's moods by my shine & presence! Memories of when I was 14, receiving am energy healing and told that I had a "healing hands" and that when I was ready he (our family energy healer) would teach me.


Oh my! My heart felt so warm and filled with purpose, I had no idea where to start but I sure was smiling and filled with the knowing that all was going to present itself as it should... I remember Cary, my beloved of 22 years coming home to me announcing that i knew what i was here for!!! A few weeks later my first teacher & mentor of many appeared.

Discovering energy work and the gifts we often forget to honour, has been a life changing experience for me and all the people around me. I am forever grateful for all of my teachers who showed up along my path. So much growth went on over the last 10 years and so much growth & evolution is still unfolding...


When do you ever stop growing really?

Today, I dedicate, my time and energy in holding space for the community, to grow, to expand, to shift, to emerge, to rise & remember our magic. Teaching that no one else heals us but us! That we are the ones healing, shifting & transforming. Committed to help you awaken your sacred intuition, deep inner wisdom & all knowing self.

Mentoring you to connect with your own healing abilities, with your sovereign power, your joy, your flow, your epic-ness is my passion... Mentoring YOU back to YOUR medicine.

As a Vibrational Alchemist, I take the responsibility of healing my own traumas, I take responsibility for this life, all actions, words and deeds. After all I am on the journey too, I am not separate form you! Just like you, I am a human being, learning from my experiences along the unknown path life is taking me on.


I intend to live everyday to the fullest. I intend to live aligned, awake & aware of my wholehearted self: shadows, light & all the colours in between. For now, I breathe with deep gratitude for LIFE itself & its infinite possibilities.


Until we come in resonance,

I salute you with so much love, appreciation & gratitude

for your presence on this Earth walk through this timeline.

In resonance

xx Bebe

The certifications Bebe received through the past 20+ years

- 2002 Swedish, Remedial, Sports & Shiatsu Massage

- 2012 Reiki level 1 & 2

- 2013 Sound Vibrational Resonance Therapy

- 2013 Crystal Vibrational Resonance Therapy

- 2013 Colour Vibrational Resonance Therapy

- 2015 Shamanic Path Training

- 2016 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs

- 2016 Chakra Meditation Teacher Training

- 2016 Munay Ki Teacher Training

- 2018 Yin Yoga Teacher Training

- 2019 Vedic Meditation attunment 

- 2019 Breath Zone breathwork teacher training

- 2021 Integrative Womb Hara Massage Practitioner training

- 2022-present Womb Awakening facilitator training

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