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11/11 Gateway is near

But what does it mean to me?

On 11/11 you, me, we ALL will be walking together through an energy gateway, a portal, a vortex where the light is amplified where we are invited to awaken a little further...

YES, we are ALL invited to bring more awareness and light into things that were previously in the darkness.

It's a little bit as if you, I, we, were the Ostrich... With our heads deeply buried in the sand, and we are called now to get out of the avoidance zone and raise our head up to the Divine change-makers that we are.

Can't see it happening yet?

The awakening?

Look deeper, slow down, quieten your mind and notice...

This process has been in progress over time, that stuff does not just happen overnight! More and more of us are evolving, expanding spiritually, energetically becoming more and more sensitive and higher vibrational beings. The mega crisis we are experiencing, you, me and the planet, involves waking up to the destructive force of old approaches involving fear...

Can you feel it yet?

But what does 11/11 mean to you? To me? To us all?

Well it is time, time to find the courage to live our heaven on earth, and our energy is crucial for that unfolding to happen.

With the numbers 11/11 your inner being is calling you to remember that YOU ARE DIVINE! When you connect with the idea it is the first part of the process but when you actually FEEL Divine, that is when your entire being is energised, propelled forward into expansion and ascension, allowing for you to move closer to greater joy & harmony. Oh boy I know the feeling, and I would be lying if I said it does not take discipline and commitment to your practice to keep aligned with that feeling!

11 is one of the master numbers and is related to spirituality, illumination, and a balancing of opposites. This year's 11/11 (lets get real here, there are 11/11s every year!) is extra smoking hot because 2018 is also an 11 year (2+0+1+8=11) which creates an even more powerful opportunity for growth & awakening.

So how do I harness this energy?

Well hey, now you know....

You know the gate is opening and flooding light in.

Your awareness has risen!

So create time the week before the 11/11 to start looking at things that does not align with your highest self and start releasing them, with love and kindness, sending gratitude for all that they have taught you.

Then on the actual day, open, open all of your being, all of your gateways to your soul, to receive this amazing opportunity, this energy.