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Change your energy, Change your life Workshop is near! This Sunday, 25th of March 1.30-4.30pm

The venue:

Rainbow Mountain Healing sanctuary.

Nested in the heart of Tallebudgera Valley, the peace and serenity of The land is infectious!

The glass walled studio allows the Nature in, leaving you feeling

deeply connected to the calming and nurturing energies of Mother Earth.

Many Swamis and Spiritual Teachers have blessed the place with their presence, with their energy. You can feel the purity ofyour heart as you walk through thedoors.

What a gift we receive when this sacred healing space comes across

our path!

701 TallebudgeraCreek Road, Tallebudgera to find us.

The Method:

How will you feel the effect of our session?

Simple really, When you come into contact with certain people, instantly their vibrations affect yours. Either in a positive or a negative manner.

Here when we meet in total sacredness, when we open our hearts to receiving the energy that is present, we are lifted to a higher state of well being.

The techniques we learn and use amplify the healing and give you great tools to bring home and keep working on your vibrations in your own time.

The hour long Sound Healing you receive will clear away any dense, heavy Energy and bring harmony within your mind, body and soul.

A definite reset for the month ahead.

The Workshop:

Every last Sunday of the month the tribe gathers, we unite and release all of the stress, the worries, the stuff we accumulated throughout the previous month. We raise our vibration, the frequency we resonate at so we canreturn home.

Yes HOME, home to our present self, our joyous self, our heart-led self, our peaceful self.

We reclaim our power.

Together during our 3hr healing journey we shall:

- Bring back ancient traditions and rituals with a letting go and intention setting ceremony.

- Invite the Cacao Spirit in our hearts and enjoy this Divine ceremonial drink all the way from Guatemala and Peru. The benefits of drinking this high vibe ceremonial "drinking chocolate" in total sacredness are bountiful: increased energy and creativity, better focus, heightened meditation & inner work, shifting of blocked/ stuck emotions, higher connection to self, to others, to nature, to source. Most of all it will open your heart to more acceptance, more compassion, more love.

- Use breath work to clear our energy field, clear our karmic baggage and remove our mind chatter.

- Work on our Chakras, our energy centres, and learn different techniques to cleanse, open and activate those Jewels which contain our life purposes within, regaining clarity along the way.

- Receive the healing vibrations of a full hour of lay down Sound Healing. Antique handmade Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tingshaws, Tibetan Bells, Medicine Drum, Shamanic Rattles, Peruvian Rainsticks, Clapsticks and Koshi Chimes will have you floating in bliss in no time.

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes, water, yoga mat, pillow, blanket, eye mask, anything so you can be Comfortable sitting and laying down. Bring a chair if sitting on the floor is not your thing.

Please park on either side of the driveway, and respect the "do not park passed this point" sign

The Facilitator

I may be a stranger but I come as a sister. You and I are not so different form one another.

4 years ago my life was chaos, hidden under the appearances of a good job, a loving and supportive relationship and a beautiful daughter, the reality was far from the mask I was wearing.

Bullied, highly stressed, disconnected from myself thus others, drowning in my own high expectations of achieving perfection in all areas in my life, I was left constantly unsatisfied & frustrated, constantly manipulating life, constantly striving for more:

more drinks, more sugars, more surfs, more cigarettes and all that in an attempt to band-aid the truth.

Today well just like you I am still clearing some of my shit but I am shining through it.

Today I have reclaimed my energy, my life! Through all those techniques we shall share in circle.

Today I am honoring my truth, my gifts, my purpose, and that feels sensational!

Today it is time. Time to pass on what has helped me reclaim my power.

I am truly looking forward to holding space for you, for me, for us to reconnect with our true nature, so we can return home.

So much Love

xx Bebe

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