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Let's reset our frequency together in retreat

Have you ever experienced sitting in sacred circle and creating the space and energy for each other to heal, to release the old skin and bring in the new? That stuff is POWERFUL!

The power of the collective (AKA all of US united) always amazes me and I am deeply grateful I am choosing to follow my heart's calling to gather the tribes as often as I am guided to, to bring magic into our lives.

And here I am... this is ME following my heart and taking the leap of faith to bring us together to cleanse our energy as one. I believe in YOU, I believe in US. I have been and advert juice cleanser for 15 years now, I take that detox path a couple times a year, usually when the season changes from winter to spring and from summer to autumn, and it has brought so much to my life. At the end of such a journey I feel energised, focused, clear (sooo much clarity) and vibing high.

But it is when I started combining the traditional juice cleanses with vibrational medicine that things started to really shift in me! I found myself moving from a place of physical healing (cleansing the body through juice cleaning) to being able to heal multidimensionally!! By that I simply mean that I started being able to direct the cleansing energy into my emotional as well as my mental body and release tons of lower frequency emotions, feelings, thoughts, traumas and patterns. The more I applied the techniques, the more I expanded my energy, the more I expanded my ability to sense and feel my soul. Spirit started running through me, within and without. EVERYTHING started becoming so clear and obvious... 

I might brake your bubble here, but healing is not a once a lifetime journey, it is a continual awareness of the self and continual discovery of the deeper layers of limitations or restrictions we have created for ourselves... Cleansing and resetting of the entire body, mind and soul is simply a cyclic eternal wheel that keeps rotating through our lifetimes.

Anyway back to the retreat... So we are gathering for 2 nights and cleansing not only our body but our energy, our emotional and mental body and releasing tons of toxicity in anyway shape or form. It will be transformational for the ones who choose to join in, there is no doubt about that!

So when? Friday 31st Aug- Sunday 2nd Sept

Our first gathering will be at 6pm to allow for you to get there after work and get settled, but if you are free Friday and want to check in earlier and enjoy the peace and serenity of the place, please do so. I will be there!

Where? Mount Warning Rainforest Park

I have booked the renovated riverside cabins, so you will have your own bedroom (twinshare the cabin), bathroom, kitchenette, chill zone and outdoor patio.


- A level 1 (soft and nurturing) sol cleanse organic cold pressed juice cleanse which includes juices, smoothies, nut milks and dahls.

- Yoga and intuitive energy flow sessions. This is a nurturing and reseting retreat, we will not be pushing and working hard, the yoga is designed to be soft, gentle and balancing Hatha style.

- Breath work sessions. Clearing suppressed emotions through breath work is life changing, empowering and so beneficial for you, for all of us to take on as a personal practice.

- Sound healing. Everything is vibration, it is common knowledge nowadays, simply put we shall shift our lower vibrational state to a higher place.

- Shamanic journeying to retrieve the missing parts of your soul light. Reclaiming you wholeness, you connection to your earth walk and your connection to spirit through the beat of the medicine drum and shamanic rattles.

How much? 

$450 per person ALL INCLUSIVE! Making those gatherings available to all :)

Whom shall guide you? Well my spirit team is already onto it and guiding me to hold space for you! For the ones who have not met me yet my name is Bebe I started Earth energy Medicine a few years back now in a mission to bring more peace into our world. Definitely part of the light worker family, I am just like you: a divine spiritual being having a human experience.

I am absolutely passionate about sacred convergence and ancient traditional energy healing tools to bring our human selves in union with our divine, realigning our souls with Gaia, Father Sky and the Great Mystery.I have studied energy healing work and yoga for the past 5 years but most of all, just like you, I will never stop being a student of life and never stop passing on what helps me feel alive and vibrant, connected and true, free and joyful, filled with love and light.

Deep gratitude goes to all of my teachers who keep showing up each and every time that I am ready for new levels of truth.

There are only 2 spots left for you to join us and experience this transformational weekend. So hop on the link bellow and book your


So much love

And a little darkness


XX Bebe

The vibrational Medicine woman

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