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The power of colour

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

The thing is we use colour, light therapy, chromotherapy all the time... And we barely realise we do it!

Take a minute, right now, as you read this post: what are you wearing? Is it all in yellow hues? Is your psyche telling you you need a little boost of confidence? Need to stand in your truth, to stand in your power?

And YOU, today, have intuitively picked yellow hues for your outfit!

Powerful medicine woman right here right now...

I find it fascinating to start tuning into all of the messages our psyche sends us. The truth is the more presence I have, the more I live in the now, in the breath, in my body, the more clearly I see. The louder I hear the messages of the Universe. Because the Universe is within me right? The key is awareness...

So awareness is what I work on daily, some days I shine, somedays I fall, but everyday I learn.

Back to Colour!! First blog ha, ha, ha (where are the emojis?) Colour is light, light is vibration, vibration is frequency, frequency is energy... Our thoughts are vibrations too, our moods, our emotions, our feelings, our words, our actions, our body.

When we feel guilty about something, that's low vibratioal stuff we are emitting. Dont worry, I feel guilty sometimes too! When we are feeling angry, well there is a fair bit of energy behind that! The vibration of that explosive emotion is higher, much higher... 150 versus 30 according to the scale. Now when we feel joy, we are checking in to the high vibe club big time!! (where are the emojis??) And then, when we feel the light within, when we feel that god is within us, whatever that might be or mean for you: Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Love, Light, Oneness (...) Now we are there, right at the top of the vibrationnal range, in total bliss!

So do you think that if you wear a certain colour, its vibration, its frequency, will affect the way you feel, the way you think, the way you view the world? Do you think the vibration of the certain colour may change your own vibrations? Do you think that all may be interconnected? (where are the emojis, seriously!!)

The real question is: how long is it going to take for us to reclaim our power! When are we all going to wake up and start living the life we desire, using the vibrations we need right there and then. May it be with all the simple things that are available to us: the colours, the plants, the sounds, the elements, the earth, the sun, the stars, the planets...

Are you checking your wardrobe yet?

I could give you more details on what colour brings what; what frequency they vibrate at, however I won't. I am pretty certain you will find immense amount of info on the amazing platform the internet provides. You may even find the science behind it. If you need proof, you go get it! Remember though the yin and yang principle, in one colour there are many aspect, just like in one human, their are many facets... Red is warmth, hot, bright, energizing, aliveness, sexual even! But it is also loud, egotistical, look at me, angry kind of feel. Balance is the key.

In a Colour Healing, I use an array of colours, we wash the body, mind and spirit with light. All of the spectrum, the rainbow (YES, the rainbow), making sure to avoid the ones that are already overstimulated in certain parts of the energy field and increasing them in other parts. Its sooo nurturing! I may guide you through a colour healing meditation too, because if you think red, do you think you are changing your vibration? I think so... Or I may use a colour light balancing pen and work on your nadi, your meridians, your energy channels to increase or decrease the flow accordingly to your needs.

Try it! I mean YOU, at home... Try it, write down the effects, the changes you experience as you introduce different colours into your life, and if you can see clearly how this can tr