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Pink Sand


Retreat feels:

"My experience at my Coming Home to Your Highest Frequency retreat with bebe was amazing, it definitely exceeded my expectations. I had my first experience of breath work and shamanic journeying... I felt i was safe and supported, loved in all of my ways the entire retreat. Bebe is a wonderful, warm, lovely and wise facilitator. she holds a powerful space for each person to expand. This was also my first juice cleanse, i was super nervous, however Bebe kept checking in with me & in the end I found I actually enjoyed cleansing & did not experience any issues! If you are looking to dive deep in a safe and loving environment, then I really cant recommend this experience enough. I left feeling refreshed, revitalised and deeply connected to myself, my fellow groupies and Mother Earth. . My only warning: this  can be habit forming! I am returning in may.... Thank you bebe I see you there!" - Lucy Cleverdon-

"The Universe always knows what we need & even more importantly, when we need it. I feel extremely blessed that I have been lead, twice, to attend the most amazing special weekend with my soul sister, shaman, Medicine Woman, Warrior, Goddess & all around beautiful human- Bebe Carletti. The 3 day cleansing retreat, Coming Home To Your Highest Frequency at Mount Warning can only be described as nothing short of magical! Bebe knows exactly what to do to assist YOU in finding YOURSELF. She is there lovingly holding the sacred space while YOU go through YOUR process of cleansing, shedding, understanding, building back up & planning your next steps. bebe truly shows unconditional love at all times & she does it with the biggest smile, fabulous laughter & constantly being true to herself & to YOU! Not Only Bebe has helped me to heal, she has given me tools to continue to grow and help others around me. Having had the most wonder time at both retreats & meeting the most wonderful Humans, who I know call my friends, i am absolutely looking forward to her 3rd retreat coming up! I wholeheartedly would recommend this experience to everyone. Don't hesitate, just GO & you will never look back! I look forward to seeing you all there. Thank you, Bebe for what you do & being YOU, I love you, always xxx" - Kate McPherson


"My experience at the Mount Warning retreat was life changing. Not only did I receive healing but also life altering tools and strategies I continue to use in my everyday life, situations and experiences. I acquired tools to manage my emotions instead of my emotions controlling me. However confronting and overwhelming my journey of personal growth may seem, I now feel I have the skills that can help me see a different perspective, regain a balance within myself to move through it as well as know I can also seek further guidance from Bebe on the never ending journey of embracing life with our hearts and souls, reflect, learn and practice a more peaceful way life. I am forever grateful to Bebe for teaching, sharing and showing us with so much love, acceptance and safety. Forever grateful for me, for being brave, courageous and believing that In can learn all of the life's lessons with ease." -Ricci Childs-

"I had the honour to partake in the first 2 Coming Home To Your Highest Frequency retreats, and at first I was apprehensive about the whole experience, and Bebe did her thing! Putting myself and all the attendees to ease with her soothing presence. The entire tribe felt at home very quickly! Everything's was thoroughly planned out, yet flexible so we could be offered our own time to reflect, absorb and take the full experience on board. Throughout the weekend I felt in a more relaxed, peaceful state than ever before. Yet i was challenged, and encouraged to face what was coming up for me and implement the techniques that would help me heal myself to move forward, to let go of the encumbering things holding me from progressing to a higher state of happiness. I am forever grateful for the lessons on both retreats and would highly recommend to anyone looking to develop skills to learn more about themselves, creating a higher state of awareness. Thank you Bebe for your beautiful, calming, healing presence and nature. You are a blessing to all that you come in contact with" - Wade Brenchley-

" Not so long ago I prayed to the Universe to break me wide open. A series of unfortunate events that of course were serendipitous, led me to this most amazing soul sister, Shaman, Medicine woman, Witch, Seer, Daughter, Mother, Wife, Friend, Birthday Sharer lol, Warrior< Goddess Bebe Carletti. I found myself at her first 3 day cleansing retreat, Coming Home To Your Highest Frequency at Mt warning. I can only describe my experience there as nothing short of magical, miraculous, otherworldly, the stuff dreams are made of. I was grey, dull, lifeless but by the end my aura was lit up, glowing, radiant. i realised, this is what life is about, investing in myself, nurturing me and sharing and holding space with others. not the kind of space where I feel responsible;e for lither's pain and take it on as my own as I had always done. Not only Bebe has helped  to heal me, she has given me the tools to help me heal myself and others around me! I have since been back to Bebe's second retreat, a different experience again, more dross to shed, more shit to shift but each time the energy is transmuted faster and with more ease. I am absolutely looking forward to her 3rd retreat coming up and I wholeheartedly would recommend this experience to everyone. the sacred space bebe creates is sacred and wonderfully safe, where you can just let your guard down, be yourself, be vulnerable and there is no judgement, expectations, you can just be. Forever grateful sister, see you soon, if you don't see you in my journeys or dreams first. So much love, thank you for what you do and for being YOU, I love you." - Crystal Moon-


One on One feels:

" When I first met Bebe I was at the lowest point I have ever been in my life and I actually went, at first fro the wrong reasons.... I have NEVER believed in this kind of stuff, & what happened was truly remarkable! She set me straight with her NO BS approach to her craft. i felt something leave my body that first session and have never looked back. every session  with her is extraordinary and her guidance into myself has totally changed my life and set me on a path that is true and real. For the first time in my life I now have a clarity and purpose that grows everyday in every way. I can only say that if you need something more out of your existence then Earth Energy Medicine is exactly where you should start. Thank you Bebe, you are wonderful"  - Damien Styles- 


" Bebe held such a Divine sacred space that allowed me to surrender, rest restore and connect deeply into multiple aspect of myself. I felt beautiful shifts while receiving her healing and beautiful ripples  and the return to my vital force and awareness long after. i am so grateful to this gorgeous woman for her light and amazing soul offering. As a healer myself I have found it challenging to find another healer who I feel safe and able to open myself up to be completely vulnerable and held by, there was never a question that bebe was the one for me. thank you so much beautiful lady' - Clare Deale-


"Bebe, Bebe, Bebe, where do I begin, or end. I feel my journey with you is endless! In the 3 months that i have started coming to your one on one sessions, sound healing, meditation groups, your community healing pop up clinic, your 1 day retreat... I have transformed! i couldn't have felt more weak when attending my first one on one. I was not in my body, a fragile petal, on the brink of breaking. I thought the shadows is where I belonged, my voice, my passions, my dignity and consciousness. Now I feel more like myself than I ever have, I feel the transformation deep within. the ME that has been hiding in the shadows waiting to be seen, has been emerging, and it feels good! Now I have been around light workers and spiritual beings since I was around 10, over the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Lennox and even in London, UK. But NO ONE has ever spoken to me like t=you have, I could not have transformed the way I have, and with such speed without you. You inspire me, educate me, & have helped me free from the shackles I was constitutionally born into. The gifts you have are incredible especially with sound. The vibration of the crystal bowls as it dances down each layer, send me into surrender, peace and ecstasy. I never knew how much I loved sound healing until YOU. Now I envision myself with my own sound space in my home. Phenomenal doesn't fully capture the awe, love 7 gratitude I have for you. Thank you, Love and a little darkness!!" - Arielle Valdez-Baltgalvis


"When you meet Bebe you straightaway know she is very special! Her crystal blue eyes will blow you away, her warm heart makes you want to stay around her and her caring words make you feel very special, every single time! 

I am so pleased that a little over a year ago our paths crossed. While I was searching for inner peace I joined Bebe for her first sacred healing meditation circle, it took me a while to make meditating a daily habit. However now I can't go with at least one meditation session a day! It calms my mind, makes me feel strong and gives me the ability to put everything in perspective much easier. 

My Solar Plexus Charka was the only charka keeping me standing when I had my first healing session with Bebe. With her intuition guiding her and a combination of reiki, sound healing, color healing and crystal healing she managed to bring color back into my charkas (read: back in to my life).

I am grateful for all the lessons Bebe taught me and the tools she gave me that I use on a day-to-day basis to embrace all the challenges and opportunities I am receiving in this life.

Peace & love XX

-Juliette Lammer Van Bueren-

Collective Gathering feels:

"Bebe, i am so grateful that i have been guided to you, a beautiful soul and such amazing energy. each day when i walk out your door from your Healing & sound alignment Classes I feel I have had more than doing your incredible yoga class, I know I have had and incredible healing as well, something that I have never experienced after doing yoga classes in the past. I am so grateful for all of your teachings bebe. Thank you, love you heaps" -Fran-

"I have found a meditation guide and place with bebe which allows me to explore my spirituality in an honest and open way" -Sonia-

" I joined Bebe's monthly "Change your energy change your life" workshop and really liked the chakra toning exercise. And of course the sound healing was the highlight. I travelled to another Universe and came to in the very moment I had received what I needed. Oh and the divine Cacao ceremony! So heavenly Divine. the whole afternoon just feels like one big act of self love to me. leaving the session floating in bliss" -Avalon-

" Bebe's "Change your energy, Change your life" workshop is such an amazing opportunity to check in & connect with the self. I attend quite a few of her events but this one really digs deep into meditation and spiritual exploration of the self. so much more than a healing or meditation session it is more like a personal and spiritual development master class. thank you bebe for sharing your light and helping us discover and shine ours" -Emma-

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